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Drama B Pours His Heart Out In “Something Isn’t Right”

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Something Isn’t Right

Drama B

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A deep track about addressing that feeling that you have in your gut.

In my eyes, Drama B has all of the tools to be a household name in the hip-hop/R&B scene. Not only does he know how to perfectly merge appealing raps with infectious melodies, but he also knows how to keep it 100 lyrically in his music. Drama’s latest single is “Something Isn’t Right,” a song that should be relatable to anyone that is going through a rough patch in their current relationship.

“Something Isn’t Right” is the kind of music that I love. The song features one of those soulful instrumentals in which you hear a crying lady in the background, intoxicating/laidback vocals, and just this vibe that will calm your nerves but also make you bop your head at the same time. The song’s icing on the cake is its deep content about the inevitable ups and downs that come with dating someone.

Make sure your give “Something Isn’t Right” a shot below!

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