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Gimme My Money

Humphrey Bogard

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Humphrey Bogard did not come to play games, give him his money!

Humphrey Bogard, whose real name is Andre, was born in Stamford, CT. Andre’s passion for performing arts, dance, drama, and music started at a young age. To continue developing his musical skills, he transitioned from Stamford, CT to Bridgeport, CT, and discovered DJing as another way to express himself. Throughout his formative years, Andre showcased his talent in local music ciphers with friends. As a result, he began going to major studios, recording with top producers, and performing as an opening act for notable rap groups. He’s released countless mixtapes and videos and has numerous performances under his belt. Additionally, his popularity is seen through the numbers on his Spotify, Twitter, and YouTube. Thus, Humphrey Bogard was born. Bogard’s latest track is the single “Gimme My Money.” A lyric video accompanies it.

“Gimme My Money” makes one think of driving down the highway with the windows down, rapping at the top of their lungs. It’s fun, infectious, and addictive. Bogard’s voice is commanding; he raps with conviction reminiscent of 90s rap artists. In that dominating voice, Bogard talks about making sure you get what you deserve. “Gimmie My Money” is an easy-to-digest track that forms memories easily. So stop sleeping and check out Humphrey Bogard’s latest single.

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