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Richie Buz Displays Greatness In “98 Jordan”

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98 Jordan

Richie Buz

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Here’s a quick reminder: Jordan won his sixth title in 1998.

Richie Buz is an up-and-coming MC from Milwaukee, Wisconsin that has this grandiose ambiance to him. It’s almost like he makes it a mission to dunk on folks in his music; sorta how Bucks great Giannis Antetokounmpo dunks on folks on the court. Despite the fact that Giannis and Richie represent the same city, in “98 Jordan,” Richie compares himself to arguably the greatest NBA player of all time.

Here’s another quick reminder for you: MJ hit the game-winning shot in game 6 of the ’98 finals (It was cold as hell when he left his shooting form in the air right after, too). Anywho, in “98 Jordan,” Richie shows absolutely no mercy to the mic (No pun intended). Over this soulful instrumental that boasts what I’m guessing is cries for help, Richie hits us with powerful bars that tackle his competitive nature, his city’s war-like environment, and the world’s mistreatment of black folks as a whole. While he sounds pretty cool, calm, and collected in the track, you gotta treasure how feverishly he delivers his bars and how intricate his lyrics are.

Just like Mike when he was younger, Richie has serious wisdom for a 24-year-old. Go ahead and check out his new single “98 Jordan” below.



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