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Simpatico’s “Time” Shows Us What Love Really Is

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A new perspective on love in a pop, lofi reflection.

Simpatico is a producer from Southern Los Angeles. His style, which he describes as “lofi electro-chill r&b,” transports the listeners to another world. Through various sounds and expansive production, he creates music that intends to help his audience forget about their troubles. In the same way, music did that for Simpatico when he was growing up, offering him relief from the constant violence in his environment. So, when Simpatico discovered French house producer Darius, he knew producing was his calling. In 2018, he started his music career and never looked back. Simpatico’s latest release is a lofi, nostalgic piece titled “Time.”

“Time” is a song about reuniting with your lover after being apart for a while. The theme is appropriate given the recent social climate with the pandemic (Many couples are not able to be with one another at this time). The elements within the track keep the listener engaged in the lyrics as well as the musical experience. It is a low, casual beat that reminds listeners of lying in bed with their partner, with vocals to soothe them. Simpatico does an excellent job of creating a relatable atmosphere. His talent as a producer is his ability to capture the sadness and excitement that occurs when you haven’t seen your significant other, but you’re about to get together. If “Time” is any indication of Simpatico’s musical ability, he has a long career ahead of him. Stream “Time” by him to share in the feeling of a lover’s joy.





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