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Highway 99

Slake Dransky

A lofi, soothing hip-hop track for cruising down the road.

Slake Dransky is a Seattle-born and raised rapper. While he mostly writes and produces, he is additionally talented at singing. Dransky also has an acting degree which enhances his work; it helps him connect with his audience and make his shows an unforgettable experience. On the topic of experience, Dransky has released two albums and several singles, all of which can be found on various media outlets. These include Spotify, Instagram, and his own website. Slake Dransky’s latest jam is “Highway 99.”

As the name suggests, “Highway 99” is the perfect driving song. Dransky blesses us with pacifying vocals that take the music to the next level. His voice is soothing and flows in harmony with the beat. As a result of these choices, “Highway 99” is the kind of track you listen to if you want to be put in a relaxing mood. Through his vague lyrics, Dransky paints an emotional picture of certain anxieties: Moments of getting sick, watching the rain as he drives, and losing his dog. It feels as if he’s having an intimate conversation with his audience. Halfway through the song, Dranksy starts to rap. While it elevates the general tone of the song, it doesn’t entirely veer from the base of the song. The transitions between singing and rapping proves he is comfortable with both mediums. So, if you want a good driving companion, play Slake Dransky’s “Highway 99” while coasting down the interstate.

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