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Tony C. Tells Us About Sadness In “Good Grief”.

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Good Grief

Tony C.

A quiet, depressive rap track that leans into soothing grief.

Tony C. started writing songs when he was sixteen years old. He used music as an outlet to help him understand his emotions as he was growing up. As a result, he frequently talks about the trials and tribulations he’s experienced in life, while balancing it out with motivation. It’s one of the reasons his sounds can range from depressive to upbeat to imaginative. This varying catalog can be found on Spotify, YouTube, and his website, all of which brag thousands of streams. “Good Grief” is Tony C.’s latest single, and one of his most popular songs.

“Good Grief” is a low-energy track that captures what grieving feels like in the body. C has a raspy voice that makes things depressing when he’s singing. At the same time, however, his voice has a warm feeling that melds with the soothing beat. There’s an understood sensation of lonliness as well; Clearly, C isn’t afraid to address the more unpleasant thoughts we all experience when we’re upset. It makes him more relatable to his audience, and we appreciate his dedication to the craft. So, stream Tony C.’s “Good Grief” today, and wallow in an emotional grief.

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