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Russ Reiterates That He Is That Dude In “WHAT ARE YALL”

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RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Russ is the second biggest villain in the world right now…

Right now, there are so many beefs going on in the world: Ukraine vs. Russia, NBA YoungBoy vs. Lil Durk, Pete Davidson vs. Kanye West, Ben Simmons vs. the Sixers, and even Ratings Game Music vs. Yeat fans. Someone who takes shots at just about everybody in the rap game is Russ, but everybody is too busy beefing with other people, so his disses are getting pushed aside. In “WHAT ARE YALL,” he turns his s**t-talking a few notches up (Let’s see if people pay attention).

Russ clearly recorded “WHAT ARE YALL” on a plane right before a flight attendant asked him to put his phone on airplane mode. Throughout the song, he spews out his bars rather quickly over a “One Dance” type beat that sounds like it was rushed to put its makeup on. Don’t worry, in the midst of the hurry, Russ still gets off sick-ass bars about being richer, smarter, and more resilient than every rapper in the game (Russ is efficient).

Listen to “WHAT ARE YALL” below.

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