0sb0rne Higher song cover



RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Bright, love-inspired verses in a rap/hip-hop song.

Singer-songwriter, 0sb0rne, is Michigan-born but now resides in Germany. Besides his debut EP Double Zero, he has been dropping singles and building a solid base. 0sb0rne already has more than 35k monthly listeners on Spotify and almost 1K followers on Instagram. His next single, titled “One Kiss,” is being released on March 18th. 0sb0rne’s latest release, “Higher,” came out on February 18th. According to an interview on Carry on Harry Talk Show, his message with this song is for people to “have fun and follow their dreams.”

“Higher” brings smooth melodies to a husky and grave voice. The song starts off with more of a pop vibe that eventually turns into hip-hop. Below is what 0sb0rne had to say about the track:

“Higher” is about when you have a lot of love for somebody and you care about them, you wanna hold on to that feeling but sometimes that doesn’t last. You have to find the balance between being true to yourself and what’s good for you; find a way to elevate yourself to go higher.”

The sentiments expressed in “Higher” should be relatable to every one of 0sb0rne’s fans. So, hit play on “Higher” so you can start thinking about your own balance.