Audrie Powell

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A dreamy Gen-Z pop song with pain in every word.

Audrie Powell was the kid who knew what a beat was before she knew what a book was. She could hum and sing before she could talk. Audrie was born to a nomadic mother, yet her birth didn’t slow her family’s traveling down. She spent the first few years of her life on the beaches of Hawaii and the Bahamas. After her family settled in Portland, a young Audrie became a finalist in Portland’s Teen Idol. These days, Audrie is settled in LA. Now that she is living her dream, she continues to write and share her music with people worldwide. This music is available on her Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. One of Audrie Powell’s latest singles is “Ring.”

“Ring” is the type of song that I can see being used for millions of TikTok videos. It’s catchy, hip, and dreamy enough to catch one’s attention. However, the thing that will keep you glued to the song is the story. Powell’s ex messed up badly enough to mess her up. Now, she’s decided to talk about her last relationship from a healing standpoint. Overall, the song is incredibly touching and heartfelt, and from this song alone, I get the sense that Powell is going to have a successful music career. So, stream Audrie Powell’s “Ring” so you can feel the pain of being changed by a lying ex.