Sam Tompkins

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A heartfelt pop single that praises a father’s resilience. 

UK-based musical creative, Sam Tompkins, is a singer-songwriter who’s making waves in the music industry. With a unique storytelling style, Tompkins offers a combination of pop and classic elements. His work has been compared to that of musicians like Sam Fender and Tom Walker. However, Tom’s distinctive work, which reflects on a variety of personal experiences and emotions, ultimately stands on its own. As a result, Tompkins has become more popular than ever before. His Spotify has over 10 million followers with millions of streams, and his YouTube and Instagram have thousands of views. Sam Tompkins’s latest drop is the pop single “Hero.”

According to the artist, his new track is “a tribute to the courage my dad showed when he persevered through one of the hardest periods of his life.” With a backdrop of mellow yet uplifting instrumentals, “Hero” sets the tone for Tompkins’s deep, personal tribute to his father. Lyrics like “You know you’re getting older, but live long while you can” and “Might not be invincible, but you’re still my hero, dad” praise his father’s courage. Additionally, it honors his father’s ability to persevere while dealing with mental health struggles. Overall, “Hero” offers its listeners a sense of hope, and reminds us that everyone has the strength to combat even the darkest moments. So, stream Sam Tompkins’s “Hero” today, and discover the hero in your life.