See Me

Sam Tompkins

An R&B gem about inner demons.

Sam Tompkins is a British singer and songwriter who crafts truly stunning tunes. Even in the early days of his music career, notable artists like Rizzle Kicks and Bastille praised Sam’s creations. After the release of his freshman EP back in 2017, he made his major-label debut in 2019 with the EP From My Sleeve to the World. Some of his previous releases include songs like “Die for Someone,” “Lose It All,” and “Hero.” These songs, and more, are available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Recently, Sam Tompkins dropped the R&B single “See Me.”

Tompkins admits that he left everything on the floor the day that he made this track. “See Me” is not only personal but also introspective. Lyrics like “I’ve cried too many timеs here in the quiеt / In my bed / I hate myself but I do it in private” and “I think I owe an apology / To the kid I was when I was young / ’cause I promised him / That I’ll figure all this out by the time that he got here” hear the artist reflect on his inner demons. Our deepest insecurities come out to play, and we have to simply ride out the waves that come with them. At the same time, we can’t let them bring us down that badly. So, press play on Sam Tompkins’s new single whenever you want to shout “See Me” at someone.