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Nxtime Gets Dramatic In “Greek Tragedy”

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nxtime Greek Tragedy review

Greek Tragedy


RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Danceable and nostalgic beats in an R&B-pop song.

Nxtime is known as one of Central Park’s favorite bands. They were formed by singer/songwriter Ray Rubio, guitarist Nate Christensen, and drummer Imhotep Williams. Their Spotify describes their music as “upbeat, danceable rhythms and modern yet nostalgic melodies; inspired by classic R&B with the synth-soaked tones of 80’s pop.” Additionally, their YouTube and website showcase these dance tunes. Nxtime’s latest single, titled “Greek Tragedy”, comes with a music video that encapsulates who the band is. 

“Greek Tragedy” is a love song built with lyrics that escape common cliches. Verses like “You make your life seem like a greek tragedy, but is it really that bad? No you’re just being dramatic” are relatable to the audience. In addition, the song has a joyful pop tone that overrides most of the drama in the lyrics. Overall, this song has it all, but the band seals the deal with their creativity. So, if you don’t know Nxtime yet, hit play on their “Greek Tragedy” so you can enjoy the nostalgic vibes the song gives off.

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