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Oh Stress

DJ ReddRokk


An inventive, relatable rap track that can be played at any time of day.

DJ ReddRokk established himself early on in his music career amongst prominent NY artists by opening for DJs Belinda, Jules, and Don Hills. As his connections grew, he played with people like Mark Ronson and DJ Kaori. As a result, he has earned residencies at Limelight and Parlay Lounge. DJ ReddRokk’s range of influences heavily contributed to his style; these include soul, hip-hop, funk, and rock. His music is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. DJ ReddRokk’s latest drop is the single “Oh Stress.”

“Oh Stress” is subtle. The instruments used — a guitar and a piano — take a backseat to the vocals (The beat is still present; however, Kraftykid and Eric Bergado’s vocals are the most noticeable things in this track). Nothing tries to compete with or drown out the lyrics. The two musicians talk about being stressed; something that is relatable to most of us.

There is a remix to “Oh Stress” that demonstrates DJ ReddRokk’s expertise a little bit more. I recommend that you listen to both versions back to back.

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