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Lil Durk Calls Out “Computer Murderers” In Drop Off “7220 (Deluxe)”

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Computer Murderers

Lil Durk

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Durk must be a Web of Lies fan, too.

Lil Durk got himself a major win this past month. His 7220 album did some very impressive first week numbers on the Billboard charts. Just like most hard workers would do, Durk has kept his foot on the gas in the midst of his success. Today, he decided to drop a brand new single called “Computer Murderers.”

Contrary to popular belief, “Computer Murderers” is not a diss towards porno sites that infect hard drives. In the song, Durk’s ire is mainly towards his opps that are still alive. Instead of lovely melodies, you get nothing but ferocious deliveries out of the Chicago rapper. In other words, No Auto Durk makes his full appearance here.

I don’t know about you, but I love diss records in which names don’t get mentioned (It eases tension).

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