Quality Time


RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️)

An R&B song with empowering messages and strong vocals.

Julaiah is a Russian R&B singer-songwriter who has been releasing music since 2016. Since then, several of her singles have received tons of attention and gained her popularity. However, while Julaiah’s music fits within the R&B genre, meaning it doesn’t stray far from modern R&B, there is an element that differentiates it from the typical rhythm and blues sounds; this element is her singing. Julaiah has a voice that you could listen to for hours upon hours. Her work is available on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Instagram,  Julaiah’s latest and most popular single is “Quality Time.”

“Quality Time” is a good song to have on your playlist since it offers a relaxed, but intriguing vibe. There is something about the song that feels both new and seasoned. In the song, Julaiah sings about making the time for a new romantic interest in her life, and the take-charge outlook she maintains suits the track. However, the best parts of the song were her verses. The cadence she used, mixed with the sounds she displayed, are at the very least pleasing to the ear. “Quality Time” is the kind of song that someone can listen to over and over again. So, stream Julaiah’s “Quality Time” today for empowering vocals and an in-charge attitude.