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Neon Dreams Little Dance song cover

Little Dance

Neon Dreams

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Celebratory and energetic vibes in a pop song.

Neon Dreams is a Canadian alt-pop duo that has made quite the splash worldwide. The duo started off in 2015 and has released a few hits ever since. According to Essentially Pop, their single “Life Without Fantasies” found a huge fanbase in South Africa. They now have a few gigs in the country coming up in April and May. Their music is also available on Spotify, YouTube, and their own website. On Feb 25th, Neon Dreams released a new single titled “Little Dance” featuring South African musician, Majozi. The track also has an accompanying music video.

“Little Dance” is a pop song that is perfect for when you need to get your energy up. It has an enthusiastic, upbeat melody that brings out celebratory vibes. Verses like “Don’t need to rush, we got time in our cups / Yeah, it’s just a little dance under the sun,” highlight an optimistic, glass half full look at life. Overall, “Little Dance” is a song to help people get through overwhelming times.

Neon Dreams got a huge contribution from their fans and friends on the music video to “Little Dance.” The collaboration showcases what the lyrics say, and reflects an untroubled way to live.

Hit play on Neon Dreams’ “Little Dance” to dive into these good vibes.

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