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Omar Apollo

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Omar Apollo is that dude (Explanation below)!

Omar Apollo is easily one of the most talented musicians in the game today. I’ll be real with you, though: I just found out about him this afternoon. From the little research that I’ve done on him, what I call tell you is that he is a beast at switching between genres in his music. Today, Omar decided to release “Tamagotchi,” a dynamic new banger that features production from The Neptunes.

If Playboi Carti had a baby with both Maluma and Frank Ocean (I know, that’s impossible), he or she would sound exactly how Omar Apollo sounds in this song. Over piano-heavy production that, quite frankly, only somewhat reminds me of The Neptunes’ standard production, the Indiana singer switches between a slick rapper, a gentle crooner, and a Spanish-speaking serenader. As for lyrically, Omar lets it be known that he f**ks with designer s**t and sex partners that like physics’ definition of friction. Overall, if you are down for an entertaining listen, you should press play on this joint.

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