Keep Ya Distance


RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Slow R&B song with a beautiful background and lonely lyrics.

Filipino American artist, 8rae, pronounced Brae, is an up-and-coming, young artist based in Southern California. Ranging from pop to R&B/Soul, this is a man who shows amazing potential as a singer and songwriter. 8rae has been releasing hits for a few years, starting with his debut album The 8 in 2020. As his talent started to pop out, one of his songs, “LMK,” hit over 20k streams. It was so popular because 8rae shows himself and his personality in all his songs, making them easy to relate to. Clearly, he knows what people want to hear, and he makes an effort to reach people through many channels. All of his music is available on Youtube, Spotify,and Apple Music. 8rae’s recent release is the hit “Keep Ya Distance.”

Keep Ya Distance” talks about how difficult confrontations are for 8rae. On another note, it discusses how frustrating and sad it is when you wish you’d fall for someone, but you don’t. In lyrics like “And I’m sorry, I’m playing games with your brain / Wanna tell you sorry that I don’t feel the same”, 8rae sounds honest but also disappointed. It becomes clear his confrontation is with himself for his lost love. 8rae approaches this conclusion through a slow melody with light beats, unlike most music you hear in the same genre. His voice is longing, lonely, and slow, an internal sound familiar to other lonely people. Whatever you do, don’t keep your distance from this young artist. Stream 8rae’s “Keep Ya Distance” below.

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