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Xfarm & Joy Morgan Go Lowkey In “Cried”

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Xfarm (Ft. Joy Morgan)

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A hypnotic and fervent track bursting with bliss.

Copenhagen, Denmark-based musician, Xfarm, is a producer and beatmaker. With a clear passion for creating, Xfarm has been producing beats for over twenty years. His unique style takes inspiration from New York’s East Coast hip-hop sound, as well as Bristol’s distinctive trip-hop sound. Xfarm’s latest drop is the four-track EP, Different Variations of Heartaches. “Cried” is one of the tunes from the project.

“Cried” offers an intriguing blend of peaceful piano notes and uplifting, dreamy tones for a soundscape that feels reminiscent of hazy early morning hours. Lyrics like “I cried all the oceans empty, rang on every door” and “I lighted candles for us, wishing you would be here” explore an emotional reflection of heartache. Additionally, featured guest Jay Morgan gifts us soulful sounds through passionate vocals. With a lighthearted and magical sense, “Cried” delivers a soothing touch; it also provides the perfect energy to inspire and lift spirits. So, stream Xfarm’s “Cried” to feel that inspiration today.

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