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Apollo The Realist Does Some Storytelling In “Who I Used To Be”

Who I Used To Be

Apollo The Realist

Apollo The Realist definitely stays true to his last name in “Who I Used To Be.”

Apollo The Realist is a talented rapper from Southern California who I think has a bright future ahead of him. Interestingly, his future was almost cut short a few years ago. In 2015, Apollo was involved in a car accident that was so serious, that it almost took his life. After all of these years, he decided to finally put his thoughts about that tragic day into a song called “Who I Used To Be.”

Do you know what I love about “Who I Used To Be?” The fact that the song isn’t just about a car accident, it’s also about the courage it takes to overcome adversity. Over production that is both chilling and hard-hitting, Apollo The Realist raps about being a resilient figure that has never let doubters, tragic circumstances, or limitations thwart him from reaching his dreams. What I think music fans will appreciate about the track is how Apollo makes sure every word that comes out of his mouth is not only heard but felt through raw deliveries and moving lyrics. I also think that music fans will appreciate the way he digs into the beat, never letting it take command of the wheel.

Go ahead and give the powerful “Who I Used To Be” a shot below.





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