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B-Lovee – Misunderstood (Album Review)

B-Lovee literally explodes in “Misunderstood.”




3. Reminiscing

I love that B-Lovee uses his inside voice in this song.

“Reminiscing” is my kind of track: It’s a love song that features a smooth beat, infectious melodic raps, and romantic lyrics that women will love. This might be B-Lovee’s realest song to date (I mean, he says the word ‘realest’ a lot in the song).



2. All In

The soulful, gentle, and drill-heavy mess that is “All In” is very entertaining to listen to.

I feel like songs like “All In” are booming in the streets these days. I can get behind the song. I can’t quite get behind B-Lovee’s flows in the song, though.



1. Boom Boom (Ft. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie)

A Boogie and B-Lovee’s chemistry in “Misunderstood” is on point.

The hook that A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie blesses this song with is stupendous. I also f**k with the back and forth between Boogie and B-Lovee. On the real, “Boom Boom” sounds like the only traditional track on this album.


1. Humble (3/5)

2. Need You (Last Strike) (2/5)

3. All In (3/5)

4. Boom Boom (4/5)

5. Don’t Change (3/5)

6. Remincing (3/5)

7. My Everything (2/5)

8. IYKYK (3/5)




B-Lovee sounds like a more organized, drill-influenced, and tamed Tekashi 6ix9ine (Mind you, B-Lovee sounds far from tamed… That’s how crazy Tekashi sounds, to me).

In this eight-track EP, B-Lovee literally sounds like a dude that was in the process of ripping his shirt off while rapping. With that being said, I love the fact that he toys with beats that merge drill with old-school R&B and pop vibes. The contrast of sounds is pretty interesting to listen to. As for B-Lovee’s rapping style, it’s not quite for me (There are times in which he flows unorthodoxly and sounds a little too out-of-control), but I do know it’s a booming style of sorts. All in all, I think this is a project that at least shows people what B-Lovee is capable of.

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