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Poezy Is Lovesick In “better around ya”

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better around ya


RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A heartfelt pop tune with rap elements and romantic vocals.

Iowa City-based musician, Joe Pittman, also known as Poezy, is a singer and songwriter. Pittman mainly toys with pop elements but also incorporates hip-hop and R&B sounds into his music. His work shows off his versatility; in his catalog, he has pop singles like “Bite Back” and “Nothing,” and hip-hop songs like “Fatal Attraction.” Additionally, Poezy has his three-track EP FOOLPROOF, which is a mix of sounds. Like his work, he has many different platforms to reach his widespread audiences; these include Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. Poezy’s latest drop is the pop single “better around ya.”

“better around ya” is a heartfelt song that tackles romance fearlessly. Lyrics like “Won’t let nobody take your spot. Don’t worry baby, I wanna be with you in my eighties” and “Cause’ you throw a lil’ spice in my life like salt and pepper” reflect on Poezy’s journey towards finding his forever love. The beat sounds fast but is just slow enough for you to understand his words and enjoy the ride. This song takes an honest look at the up and downs of romance. But, it also reminds us that, sometimes, heartbreak can lead us to something even better in the long run. So, stream Poezy’s “better around ya” today to learn how to navigate the ride of romance.

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