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Zach Settle Bares His Soul in “To Be a Man”

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To Be a Man

Zach Settle

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

An alternative gem that’s honest about toxic masculinity.

Seattle-based musical creative, Zach Settle, is an indie singer and rapper with some serious talent. After moving to pursue a degree in music technology, Settle discovered his love for covering a wide range of topics in his work; these include mental health, love, and self-actualization. According to the artist, his new release holds vital importance to him. “It’s a confession of hard times and self-reflection, while simultaneously taking a stand on toxic masculinity.” Zach Settle’s latest drop is the alternative single “To Be a Man.”

“To Be a Man” features mellow vibes mixed with emotional vocals. Lyrics like “Maybe I’ll show them all the other side of me / middle finger to society / I’m letting go because I’m tired of being a slave to all this anxiety” explore Settle’s mindset these days. It’s clear that he is frustrated with stereotyped expectations and their negative effects. Settle has no fear of expression, but he actively takes a creative perspective to criticize the behavior he sees. However, the tune is slow and sweet (Almost like a love ballad), instead of aggressive and angry. Along with these soothing tones, “To Be a Man” is a satisfying, memorable listen that feels personal and real. It makes Settle all the more likable. So, stream Zach Settle’s “To Be a Man” today to learn what it means to express emotion differently.

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