Blxst keeps us hooked on his every move and melody in “Before You Go.”




5. Sometimes

Right now, one of my favorite voices in hip-hop is Blxst’s. Another artist that I think has a great voice is TDE’s Zacari. In “Sometimes,” the two musicians unite.

Do you know what’s cool about “Sometimes?” It sounds like a song that Blxst and Zacari made for fun. The song features playful/boastful lyrics, infectious melodies, a very catchy hook, and a Kanye West quote that we all love. This smooth banger will definitely be a fan favorite.



4. Never Was Wrong

Blxst’s composure on “Never Was Wrong” is what the Minnesota Timberwolves need to emulate.

In “Never Was Wrong,” Blxst talks about getting his chick to calm down after she threatened to leave him. I love how he navigates through the song using a style that is cunning and lyrics that highlight his strengths and weaknesses. I also really f*ck with the intricate melodies that he relies on. Overall, I don’t have a single complaint about this song.


3. About You

For women who are interested in dating Blxst, you will fully understand how he moves after you are done listening to “About You.”

The message behind “About You” is very beautiful. In the song, Blxst talks about being more of a team player than a selfish dude. The way he gently hurls out lyrics that talk about his infatuation with loyalty is dope as hell. I also f**k with the way he glides over the therapeutic beat that powers the song.



2. Be Forreal

You don’t have to be a Blxst fan to love “Be Forreal.”

Let’s be real (Or forreal), a bunch of tracks on this album sound similar. I can honestly say that “Be Forreal” is one of the few that is unique. The high-energy track boasts a beat that will make you want to hopscotch like s**t, one of Blxst’s most simplistic but catchy hooks, and just a style that is fun to soak up. In other words, I didn’t know Blxst had a song like “Be Forreal” in his arsenal.



1. Fake Love In LA

Blxst and Arin Ray call out LA Fakers in “Fake Love In LA.”

I used to want to live in LA so bad like five years ago. Lately, I’ve been hearing a bunch of anti-LA songs, so maybe I’ll settle for Denver. While “Fake Love In LA” isn’t quite an anti-LA song, it does address the idea that there are a lot of fugazi people in the city of Angels. I will say this: Though the song has a negative title, for the most part, it is powered by soothing vibes, beautiful vocals, and positive lyrics as both Blxst and Arin actually talk about escaping LA in favor of a nice getaway. I think this song is a very dope listen.


1. Sky Lounge Music (N/A)

2. Never Was Wrong (5/5)

3. About You (5/5)

4. Fake Love In LA (5/5)

5. Pick Your Poison (5/5)

6. Couldn’t Wait For It (4/5)

7. Still Omw (4/5)

8. Keep Comin’ Back (4/5)

9. Sometimes (4/5)

10. Every Good Girl (4/5)

11. Be Forreal (5/5)

12. Talk To Me Nicely (4/5)

13. Let It Be Known (4/5)




I’m prepared to say that this is the best R&B album I’ve heard in a while.

Blxst is not a household name. S**t, there are some people in this world that probably don’t even know how to pronounce his name. With that being said, I think his pureness and relatively unknownness are what make him such a great listen. In a world full of copycats, the California singer does a good job of sticking to what he does best: Dropping soothing R&B music with real-ass messages and highly intoxicating melodies. In Before You Go, Blxst doesn’t deviate far from his usual sound, and that is why I love the album.

Do you know what I like about Before You Go the most? The lyrics that Blxst hits us with on it. Throughout the project, he does a good job of tackling the topics of love, faithfulness, loyalty, and growth in ways that are relatable and organic. While listening to the album, you will truly feel like you know who he is as a man and companion. I’m not sure I’ve heard an R&B artist this year come across as relatable as he did here.

While I personally will be blasting the hell out of Before You Go, I do see how someone can criticize the album. I will understand if someone says a bunch of the songs on it sounds similar, that there aren’t enough guest appearances, or that it is too short. On the real, I think the album is for people like me: Former wild boys that have settled down and want nothing but chill-ass vibes around them. If you don’t fall in that category, you might not appreciate the project.

I don’t know how big of an artist Blxst will end up being based on what I’ve heard from him so far. What I do know is that if he stays in the pocket that he’s in right now, I will have zero complaints.

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