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DVNX Is Out Looking For His “Badina”

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An upbeat club tune with worldly influences and slow beats.

DVNX is a singer and songwriter from the UK who has been attached to music from an early age. It is his escape and outlet, and his style reflects his experience in the industry. His music is a blend of R&B and soul, with influences from different parts of the world. As a child, DVNX was surrounded by European, Caribbean, British and African cultures; all of which played an instrumental role in his development. With those influences, he’s created a worldwide sound. Additionally, his music is available worldwide; he has accounts on Spotify, Pandora, and Prime Music. DVNX’s most popular work is the club track “Badina.”

“Badina” is the perfect feel-good song. It makes you crank up the volume and let your body feel the beat. The song is fast, boasts dance vibes, and is vibrant enough to suit any club. The message is just as catchy as the tune (Obviously, the song is about a woman who caught his attention). Every influence is present: the British rock takeover, African-styled vocals, and European beats. “Badina” is an excellent example of DVNX’s musical prowess. So, stream “Badina” today for that inspirational worldly mix.

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