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A soulful track with R&B and jazz undertones.

Evîn is a singer, producer, and songwriter who combines her Asian roots, R&B, and soul sounds with melancholic vibes to make her music. She tells deep stories about her life experiences, along with what she has learned. Evîn’s biggest influences are Jorja Smith, Rosalía, James Blake, and FKA Twigs. She has been releasing music since 2020, with her biggest album being named after herself. Evîn’s work is currently available on Spotify, YouTube, and her own website. Her newest single is the sweet song, “Blessed.” This song also has an accompanying music video.

“Blessed” is a smooth song, perfect for sitting in your feelings or setting a relaxing mood. Evîn’s musical inspirations have had an enormous influence on her music, and this is evident throughout the track. However, her unique sound and voice also set her apart. It is a slow, borderline pop song, but it’s made up of jazz and R&B vibes instead. “Blessed” is about a love connection that didn’t work out. Evîan reminisces about the sweet moments that she and her sweetheart shared; where they were holding hands or supporting each other through challenging moments. It is an emotional song, but very hard to stop listening to. So, stream Evîn’s “Blessed” today for that beautiful new sensation of being blessed by music.

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