Action Bronson continues his string of eccentric releases with “Cocodrillo Turbo.”




Honorable Mention. Zambezi

The way Action Bronson starts his verse on “Zambezi” is flames.

Let’s be real, the beat that powers “Zambezi” is ass. That s**t literally sounds like it smells. The good news is this: Action Bronson and featured guest Roc Marciano put up fantastic verses in the song. Their wordplay, their superhero bars, and their tricky flows definitely make up for the funky-ass beat.



5. Ninety One

Action Bronson opens up “Ninety One” with this line: “They say Bronson disappeared like the aids on Magic Johnson’s d*ck.” My dude, what?

No, this is not a top 5 song because of the line up top; it’s a top 5 song because it has a Kanye-Esque beat that I absolutely love and flows by Bronson that I think are great. If the song didn’t sound so incomplete, it would be much higher on this list.



4. Jaguar

There are a lot of amazing beats on this album; the simplistic/soulful one that powers “Jaguar” actually ended up being one of my favorite.

I’m not going to lie, I didn’t love Action’s raps on this song (I just feel like he didn’t understand the assignment). With that being said, his charged-up voice mixed with the soulful beat just felt magical, to me. I like magic 🙂


3. Subzero

Yes, Action Bronson is a cold muthaf**ka in “Subzero.”

The beat that powers “Subzero” is on some sly/afro-jazz/Spy Hunter s**t. Somehow, someway, Action Bronson keeps up with the beat’s frantic pace. As for lyrically, he does a good job of coming across as a woman-slaying/bear-wrestling mogul that probably draws kick-ass cartoons on notepads during business meetings.



2. Turkish

Is anyone else salivating at the idea of Action Bronson joining Griselda after listening to “Turkish?”

“Turkish” is f**king mean! I’m talking meaner than an uber eats driver that just found out that you only gave them a one-dollar tip. Not only does the song feature a beat that is on some cold-ass Griselda s**t, but the verses that you get from both Action and featured guest Meyhem Lauren is on some dark mafia s**t. If Action continues to rap over beats like this, I would be ecstatic.



1. Tongpo

Action Bronson and Conway The Machine sound grandiose in the wild “Tongpo.”

The beat that powers “Tongpo” is on some 1970s Jumanji/I just smoked on some hippie weed s**t. Over the beat, Action Bronson spits rebellious bars that center around T-Pain G-mixes, 911 turbos, blowjobs, and memorable ass-whippings. As for featured guest Conway The Machine, he spits bars that highlight his come-up and willingness to climb up chimneys. Overall, this is a track with three wonderful sounds that shouldn’t be mixed together at all.


1. Hound Dog (3/5)

2. Tongpo (5/5)

3. Estaciones (4/5)

4. Jaws (4/5)

5. Subzero (4/5)

6. Turkish (5/5)

7. Jaguar (4/5)

8. Zambezi (4/5)

9. Ninety One (4/5)

10. Storm Of The Century (3/5)




This muthaf**ka Action Bronson is random as s**t! I really can’t take it anymore, bruh.

Action Bronson is one of my favorite listens in hip-hop today. To me, he knows how to entertain by toying with highly-unique beats, cartoonish deliveries, and absolutely comical/arbitrary lyrics. While listening to Cocodrillo Turbo, you will stumble upon beats that sound like some s**t you would hear in f-list detective movies and verses that sound like they were put together by a 13-year-old with a helluva imagination. At the same time, artists such as Roc Marciano, Conway The Machine, and Meyhem Lauren provide the album with grungy vibes that bring it down to earth a little. All in all, this fun project literally made me appreciate the true meaning of artistry all over again.

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