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Blair Anthony & Rockie Fresh Both Shine In “RUCKUS”

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Blair Anthony (Ft. Rockie Fresh)

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Blair Anthony and Rockie Fresh on “RUCKUS” = Kobe and Shaq in the 2001 finals.

Do you know the first thing that popped out to me when I read Blair Anthony’s bio? That he is a college-educated MC. What that tells me is that he is a hard worker and someone who has student loans to pay off. Since I can relate to the latter, I am rooting for Blair to blow up. His latest single is “RUCKUS,” a smooth hip-hop track that features one of my favorite rappers of all time in Rockie Fresh.

“RUCKUS” is powered by this smooth-ass beat that will make you nod your head but also fight sleep. Over it, both Blair Anthony and Rockie Fresh hit us with verses that are filled with dynamic flows, laidback deliveries, and confident lyrics. Blair also provides us with a catchy hook that solidifies how much cooler he is than you and me. Personally, I love how the song just floats along, ignoring any requests for it to speed up.

Give the very solid “RUCKUS” a shot below.

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