Blair Anthony’s Ready to “RELOAD”


Blair Anthony

A hip-hop single overflowing with feel-good vibes.

Los Angeles-based musical creative, Blair Anthony, is an artist who didn’t start out with the intention of becoming a musician. However, through his creations, the Ivy-League-educated millennial works to discover his life’s purpose. Blair’s music offers “impactful, relatable, and melodic lyrics with hard-hitting beats” to provide “a refreshingly unique perspective and sound to Hip-Hop.” Through his songs, Anthony explores relatable topics; these include “the anxieties about growing up in a society that encourages confirming to the norm, challenging the conventional notions of “blackness,” and coping with loss as well as stressing over life’s unknowns.” His discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Blair Anthony’s latest drop is the hip-hop single “RELOAD.” The song also has an official visualizer.

“RELOAD” keeps its own title in mind by coming back to regift its own intensity throughout. The point of the song is all about pleasure, enjoying oneself beyond understanding. Lyrics like “Got the sauce in my veins and it’s oozin’, I don’t wanna talk, I just came for the music” and “The way you throw it back, I can’t get back to my focus / She started wavin’ at me then I swam through the ocean” reflect on giving in to a good time. While it doesn’t seem like the kind of song you’d play in a club, it’s perfectly suited for a personal playlist. Whether you crave inspiration or validation, you’ll get either from this hit. At the same time, the song is just relaxing enough that we can calm down to it if need be. So, press play below and get ready to “RELOAD.”

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