Therapy Music

Logic (Ft. Russ)

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Two rappers with punchable faces unite for “Therapy Music.”

Logic and Russ should probably get more love from hip-hop fans; unfortunately, not a lot of people love their respective personalities. If you say that you don’t love their rapping skills, you are smoking crack. Anywho, today, a hot-ass song featuring Logic and Russ called “Therapy Music” hit streaming services today.


Honestly, we should keep hating on both Logic and Russ; it might keep them feeling like underdogs (They excel as underdogs). In “Therapy Music,” the passion, the hunger, and the skills they display are outstanding. While Russ sets the tone for the song with smooth melodies, killer punchlines, and braggadocios raps, Logic goes nuclear as he hits us with raps about his brand new motivations using flows that are harder than eating a pancake with no syrup. All in all, I think “Therapy Music” is the definition of a good rap song.

Listen to “Therapy Music” below.