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Stellar Icaria Takes a Stroll Down “Bay Street”

Bay Street

Stellar Icaria

A captivating electro-rap fusion with nostalgic sentiments and dance vibes.

African-born singer and guitarist, Clint Warren, and Michigan rapper, Sultry Samurai, make up the South Florida duo, Stellar Icaria. SI brings plenty of swag and experience to their projects, making them easily relatable. Their signature indietronica style takes influence from a wide range of genres; that includes reggae, Afro-Caribbean, Calypso, soul, and hip-hop. Their latest drop is the seven-track electronica album 1984, which is available on Spotify, Pandora, and Deezer. Stellar Icaria’s album opens with the infectious track, “Bay Street.”

“Bay Street” is a story of foretelling and caution, but also shows you how to enjoy life. Lyrics like “You better look both ways; even on Sundays. Don’t try to be bold” and “Old folks be on the road trying to merge lanes, not knowing where they’re going. Trying to take you out” are delivered with plenty of passion. At the same time, the song recounts its memorable tale in a dance-ready rap with catchy beats. Overall, “Bay Area” sounds like a song that would play in a good movie scene transition. This is a total mood that will leave you dancing up and down the sidewalk without a care in the world. So, stream Stellar Icaria’s “Bay Street” to feel free in your dances.

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