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Oh My Damn!

Christopher the Grey

“Oh My Damn!” follows up Christopher The Grey’s hit track “So Hot” featuring Snoop Dogg.

Christopher The Grey is a musical creative from Birmingham, Alabama, that knows what it takes to make timeless-sounding songs. What music fans will love about him is that he likes to rely on “catchy melodies and neo-old-soul” to connect with listeners. Last year, Christopher released the high-powered “So Hot,” which undeniably turned heads.

In “Oh My Damn!,” Christopher The Grey shows the world his honest self. Not only does he hit us with unique rap deliveries that display how comfortable he is in himself, but he also hits us with lyrics that showcase his work ethic, playboy ways, and street ties. More than anything, I feel this song will remind you to be yourself in everything you do.

Give “Oh My Damn!” by Christopher The Grey a shot below.

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