Long Story Short

Yeloboi Tommy

A hip-hop song with plenty of emotion.

Yeloboi Tommy is a Chinese rapper that is based in Sydney, Australia. His goal is to lead a wave of hip-hop artists who are not afraid to be vulnerable; this is an essential goal for the artist, especially since hip-hop has a reputation for being hyper-aggressive. Tommy’s music is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. His latest single is the hit, “Long Story Short.” The song also has an accompanying music video.

“Long Story Short” summarizes some of the challenges and joys Tommy has experienced in life. From being tempted by drugs to losing close friends and family members to being recognized for his music, he discusses it all. Nothing is brushed by; not even the aggressive, brutally honest parts that listeners might be shocked to hear about. The title sums up the song’s meaning perfectly. However, the message is inspiring. Tommy says that even though they’ve contributed to who he’s become, the events in his life don’t define who he is; rather, they’ve led him to this point of greatness. This is an open artist who’s in tune with his emotions. So, stream Yeloboi Tommy’s “Long Story Short” today to learn how to get lost into yours.

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