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Cashus King References Popular Shows From The Past In “SIT CALM”


Sit Calm

Cashus King

Wanna feel old?

Cashus King is an LA-born and raised rapper. He considers his music an acquired taste for some people and immediately loved by others. King’s primary goal is to continue growing into the best person and artist that he can be. With that being said, he works to always be in tune with his emotions, which come through in his music. King’s music is available on Spotify, YouTube, and his own website. His latest release is “Sit Down.”

“Sit Down,” featuring Jeff Johnson II, is an old-school rap song. The cadences that are used in the track are reminiscent of the ones that were used on the popular tracks from the 90s. Similarly, King’s funny television references throughout help make the song feel nostalgic. In the meantime, the song highlights that King is staying true to his roots and that all he needs is a simple beat to lay a sick rhyme over. If you’re still bumping rap songs from the 90s, then “SIT CALM” was made just for you. 

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