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No Komment Calls “Lights Camera Action”

Lights Camera Action

No Komment

A lighthearted hip-hop track with multicultural influences.

New York City-based musician, No Komment, is an artist with a passion for creating. As a Pakistani-American, No Komment’s music pays homage to his background as a bunch of his songs are diverse and inclusive. The artist’s work has also been heavily influenced by New York City rap and melodic R&B. NK’s music is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. No Komment’s most recent release is the hip-hop single, “Lights Camera Action.” Additionally, the song has an accompanying music video.

“Lights Camera Action” offers rap in a traditional style… Or so it seems. Lyrics like “Love like Kevin and his famous chili. If I lose some, I scoop it up and take it with me” and “Welcome to the good life. Thought that you got second place now you winning like it’s moonlight” keeps it carefree. No Komment charismatically delivers his playful lines while effortlessly bringing the good vibes. All in all, “Lights Camera Action” is an ear-pleasing charmer that will quickly pull you into its world and leave you longing for more.

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