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NBA YoungBoy Drops “See Me Now”

See Me Now

NBA YoungBoy

NBA YoungBoy recorded the music video to this song at his Murdertown estate.

NBA YoungBoy is back (I’m being sarcastic, guys. NBA YoungBoy never leaves)! This past weekend, he dropped “See Me Now,” a track that is accompanied by a music video that was fully shot on an iPhone.

The funny thing about the music video to this song is that it looks like it was filmed on an iPhone 7. Anywho, “See Me Now” is yet another tumultuous gangsta track by NBA YoungBoy. Throughout the song, he aggressively raps about being a figure that cannot be canceled, jammed up, or blackballed. While the style that he raps with isn’t quite my cup of tea, it does make me want to put the club on my car.

Listen to “See Me Now” by NBA YoungBoy below.

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