Jigga & Dame

Maxo Kream

What do Dame Lilliard and Jay-Z have in common?

I’m just kidding, Maxo Kream is clearly referring to Dame Dash and JAY-Z in this song. S**t, it’s been so long since the two have been together, I actually forgot that they were once a duo. Anywho, in “Jigga & Dame,” Maxo does a good job of grittily and descriptively letting us know why he looks up to the two icons.

Even though “Jigga & Dame” is all about making major moves (Both legally and illegally), the song is harder than trying to put a smaller guard on Luka Doncic. The beat is on some dramatic, piano-driven trap s**t, while the style that Maxo raps with is on some computer that got it out of the mud s**t. I think the song is one that further shows how trill and real Maxo is.

I want money.

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