Jason Derulo (Ft. Kodak Black)

Jason Derulo and Kodak Black are both from Florida (There are definitely at least two sides to the state)…

I don’t hate Jason Derulo at all; I just really f**king hate the music that he makes. You know what, let me say it this way instead: His music isn’t my cup of tea. Today, the Florida singer decided to garner some street cred by releasing “Slidin'” with Kodak Black.

I would call “Slidin'” an explosive pop gem. The song is mainly powered by a booming instrumental that actually gives me “Levitating” by Dua Lipa vibes and blissful vocals by Jason Derulo. As for Kodak Black, he shines by hitting us with a verse that features tongue-twisting flows and raps that would make the CDBLB’s of the world (Certified Dope Boy Lover Boys) proud. All in all, I am surprised at how good the chemistry between Jason and Kodak is here.

Give “Slidin” a shot below.

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