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Lono Bristol Says "No Religion" Here

No Religion

Lono Bristol

An afrobeat track with plenty of smooth vibes.

Lono Bristol is a rapper, songwriter, and producer from Brooklyn, NY. He is making waves in his hometown’s music scene with his unparalleled sound and style that will define a new era of hip-hop. Bristol’s life experience, Haitian background, and desire to accomplish his dreams are his inspirations. The lyricism and reality in his songs create a strong connection between him and his fans. He’s already been given props by magazines like XXL and Complex. Lono Bristol’s latest single is the afrobeat hit, “No Religion.”

When you hear “No Religion,” your first question will be “what playlist can I add this song to?” Or, more appropriately, “why haven’t I heard this song before?” Those were certainly my first reactions. Featured guest Beenie Man and Bristol create a song representative of the Caribbean and Black American culture mixture that is strong in Brooklyn. “No Religion” has aspects of afrobeat and R&B that make it more interesting than a regular rap song. By encompassing different cultures, this song guarantees it has something for everyone. While I was listening, I couldn’t help but picture myself relaxing on an island beach. So, check out Lono Bristol’s “No Religion” to experience a relaxing cultural exchange.


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