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BLK ODYSSY Recruits Benny The Butcher & George Clinton For “BENNY’S GOT A GUN”

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I rather Jamie have a gun than Benny…

BLK ODYSSY’s music is a lot of fun to listen to. It’s multi-layered, soulful, and unruly. Today, the musical act decided to add another flavor to their music: Honey roasted grittiness. In “BENNY’S GOT A GUN,” they join forces with the hood legendary Benny The Butcher.


“BENNY’S GOT A GUN” reminds me of some classic Dr. Dre s**t. For starters, the song is powered by this dark-ass instrumental that I could see pre No Limit Snoop murdering. It also features soulful vocals that Dre used to love adding to his tracks (Dre f**ked with George Clinton in the past). As for Benny, he completes the track with a Pac-like verse that lets the world know that the line between boss and goon is blurred for him. All in all, “BENNY’S GOT A GUN” is worth a shot.

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