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High-Energy Pezmo Reminds Us To “Take Time”

Take Time


A spirited rap and R&B mix that’s calm, but set for a party.

Pezmo is a duo from Manchester that raps, sings, and makes beats. They’ve been growing their fanbase by releasing music steadily for the last few years. Some of their songs, like “Outta This World,” has already blown up. Pezmo’s pieces are a mix of pop and R&B with a little bit of British swag. Their discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Pezmo’s latest single, “Take Time,” is already making waves with their fans. The song also has an accompanying music video.

“Take Time” sounds like it was made to only be performed live, or possibly be played at a party. It’s a high-energy song, so headphones don’t quite do it justice. Pezmo sings about being closed off to love, saying “My heart’s cold; it’s frozen like ice. And even though your pu*sy feels right, I hit the road, I can’t stay around here for the night.” Clearly, there’s a feeling of not belonging, and it reminds the duo that they may not have found the right love. Let’s be honest, however, haven’t we all been there once or twice? This R&B/rap mix has the perfect vibe for feeling cold and out of touch. This is the ideal song for those still on the road to love. So, stream Pezmo’s “Take Time” today to see where you are on that road yourself.

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