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waants Is “adding up” His Successes

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waants is "adding up" The Aspects of Improvement

Adding Up


An electro-pop track with lofi moments and dreamy soundscapes.

Producer and songwriter, Adam Warner, is pouring his energy into his latest solo project. Previously, he spent over ten years as a member of the band Glory Glory. His experience from touring and his love of modern hip-hop/electropop have been his driving inspiration for waants. Warner takes everyday experiences and turns them into fresh, familiar songs. He describes his newest piece, “adding up,” as his most sonically experimental and pop forward endeavor.

As promised, the lyrics to “adding up” are concerned with the everyday life of a singer, specifically Warner. It takes a while to notice this; instead, it’s easy to get swept up in the song’s rhythm. This track forms an all-consuming environment in a way that many electro-pop pieces haven’t mastered yet. I liked the higher-pitched, underlying words claiming that all this money in my pocket ain’t enough. What isn’t it enough for? It could be for Warner, for listeners, or for whatever you interpret it as. Overall, the track has vibrant energy to match a vibrant message. It exists in the realm between feeling like you’ve heard something similar in sound and being caught off guard by something new. So, stream waants’s “adding up” today to discover what you might be missing.

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