Tupelo Shuffle

Diplo & Swae Lee (Ft. Gary Clark Jr.)

The only shuffle we acknowledge is “Futsal.”

Very soon, an Elvis movie will be hitting movie theatres. To hype us up for it, the beautiful people behind the film’s soundtrack have been releasing singles. The latest song from the project is “Tupelo Shuffle” with Diplo, Swae Lee, and Gary Clark Jr.


Do you know what’s funny? So far, this Elvis soundtrack features a bunch of people that he probably wouldn’t have worked with if he was alive today… Anywho, in “Tupelo Shuffle,” you do get to hear some vocals out of the King of Rock and Roll in the very beginning; however, the energetic song is ultimately taken over by Swae Lee, Gary Clark Jr., and Austin Butler (Elvis).

If you are old enough to know that this song pays homage to Elvis’ cover of Arthur Crudup’s “That’s All Right Mama” song, congratulations on surviving a pandemic, Trump’s presidency, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and perhaps the Great Depression.