My Own Light


An R&B pop fusion with lofi elements and dreamlike qualities.

Los Angeles-based musical creative, Jordanne, formerly known as ASCXNSION, is an emerging artist. Their unique sound shows off their take on soul, pop, and hip hop. Jordanne combines genres to create captivating tales that are a personal reflection of their “inner world.” Their previous work includes the hip-hop track “Let Me Go.” This, and other songs, are available on Spotify and Instagram. Jordanne’s latest drop is the R&B single “My Own Light,” which features Philadelphia singer-songwriter Jaelen James.

“My Own Light” sets the tone of reflection with a perfectly soft and dreamy soundscape. It feels like both the artist and listener are in a dreamlike state, wondering about themselves. Lyrics like “I got you on my mind. Been how I pass the time,” and “You were my peace of mind. I couldn’t get it right. Now I power my own light” are powerful. Overall, they are delivered by Jordanne’s ear-pleasing vocals, but they are meant to give a strong message. The enchanting elements of infectious beats and relatable romance remind us of our own abilities. Maybe the inner power is within us all along. So, stream Jordanne’s “My Own Light” to remember how strong you really are.