I Love That Cali Weed

Mr. Johnny Ba$h

I am very high on this song…

Mr. Johnny Ba$h brilliantly straddles the line between a smooth west coast hip-hop artist and an anti-authoritarian punk rock artist. In other words, he is someone that refuses to be put in a box. This year, Johnny has released a bunch of singles, an album, and an EP. The latter, which is called Mr. Johnny Ba$h Is A Dope MC, features the intoxicating “I Love That Cali Weed.”

“I Love That Cali Weed” is a high-octane, uptempo, and cunning punk track that will encourage you to nod your head and take an elevator ride all the way up to cloud nine. Though the heart-pumping instrumental makes the song go, it’s Mr. Johnny Ba$h’s laidback/invigorating performance that will hypnotize you. As for lyrically, Johnny’s intimate words about California and its beautiful kush will have you ready to purchase a flight to the golden state. All in all, “I Love That Cali Weed” will have your spirits lifted.

Give “I Love That Cali Weed” a shot below. Also, stay tuned for Mr. Johnny Ba$h’s next release, “EXPOSURE THERAPY (Dropping on June 17th).” It’s a “happy classic punk rock song inspired by The Beastie Boys, The Ramones, The Clash, and Bad Brains.”


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