3mind Blight

A rap-rock fusion with electro-hip-hop undertones.

Tulsa, Oklahoma-based musical creative, Mike Boucher, also known as 3mind Blight, is an award-winning musician, producer, and songwriter. In 2018, Blight decided to pursue a solo career after spending 15 years as a music producer. With a wide-ranging style, his songs make use of metal, rock, hip-hop, rap, pop, and acoustic elements. While he typically blends various genres together, his sound will differ based on the tone of the track. His varied pieces are available on Spotify, YouTube, and his own website. By showing off his personality through his work, he tackles demons and gives his fans unforgettable performances. 3mind Blight’s latest drop is the hip-hop fusion single “Subliminal.”

As we were talking about genre fusion, we have to mention “Subliminal” as the ultimate joint piece. It sounds angry, and the lyrics are disturbing in their rap-rock mix. I suppose the best way to describe it is haunting. Lyrics like “Subliminal thoughts of criminal thoughts. It’s all that I’ve got, as I slowly rot and fade away” and “The deeper that I fall in the darkness, it surrounds me and makes me heartless” echo this sentiment. Blight commands our attention with a raspy tone while offering sharp rap verses. At the same time, he shows off his versatility with an original dark creation. So, dive into 3mind Blight’s “Subliminal” to experience his anger yourself.