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iann dior Is Unfiltered In “Live Fast Die Numb”


Live Fast Die Numb

iann dior

iann dior’s music always reminds me how ass high school was.

If I showed you my iTunes stats, you would be surprised at how many plays iann dior’s last album (On To Better Things) got from me. Though I grew up on raw-ass hip-hop music, I’m not going to lie, my favorite genre right now is pop-punk. Today, iann decided to release “Live Fast Die Numb,” a rebellious pop-punk track that will let you know his mindset these days.


You’ve heard the term “live fast, die young” before, right? Well, iann dior decided to switch things up a little and say “Live Fast Die Numb.” In this recent release, he sings freely and drops lyrics that encourage rebels like himself to embrace self-righteousness as opposed to romantic relationships. I think the song’s message works in select cities.

Give “Live Fast Die Numb” a shot below.

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