Do What I Want

Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi validates Stephen A. Smith’s legendary status with the intro to this song.

I prefer to listen to Kid Cudi’s droopy music during cold winters. As for his uptempo s**t, it rocks during the summertime. Today, right dab in the middle of summer, Cudder decided to drop the exciting “Do What I Want.”


Do you know why this song resonated with me mightily? Because I just came back from Cancun a week ago, and I literally did whatever I wanted there! I now have a warrant out for my arrest, but it’s cool, that’s something Kamala will sweep under the rug for me. Anywho, “Do What I Want” literally sounds how you would expect it to sound: rebellious, energetic, infectious, and kick-ass. Instead of a mopey Cudi, you get a carefree Cudi that probably took a whiz on your house’s dandelions.

How many technical fouls would Kid Cudi get a game if he was an NBA player? I say 1.5.

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