T8iana Illuminates In “The Sign”

The Sign


“The Sign” is an energetic track that will lift your spirits and make you move your feet!

T8iana is a singer-songwriter from Australia that makes exciting dance music that usually boasts lyrical content that stays true to who she is and what she stands for. These past couple of years, T8iana has garnered tons of praise from all over the world. Not only was she recently covered by both the Rolling Stones magazine and the Washington Times-Herald, but she has also managed to gain tons of streams across many different music platforms. T8iana’s latest offering is “The Sign,” an adrenaline-filled track that made it to the top 100 on the UK iTunes daily dance chart.

According to T8iana, “The Sign” is about “the changing world, especially in the LGTBI spectrum. About acceptance and love. About encouraging everyone to be more accepting, open, and loving, and that this is the sign of the times.” T8iana does a fantastic job of matching this amazing description with powerful sounds. Over an upbeat pop instrumental that will practically force you to dance harder than you ever have before, she blesses us with a heart-pumping vocal performance that you will certainly feel in your mind, body, and soul. I love how fearless and rebellious she sounds overall, as she reminds us what it looks like to have no restrictions when it comes to loving yourself (And others). I absolutely adore what this track stands for.

Make sure you give T8iana’s “The Sign” several shots.



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