Drake gets us to dance non-stop with “Honestly, Nevermind.”




5. I Legit couldn’t find five good songs. Down Hill

Only Drake, Lionel Ritchie, or the big-ass bear from Tale Spin can make a track like “Down Hill.

I don’t call Drake a singer; I call him a rapper that knows how to sing. With that being said, I do think that in “Down Hill” he shows off his singing skills more than I’ve ever heard him show them off before. Not only does he make us feel with his vocals, but he also sounds like someone that isn’t insecure about his voice at all. Unfortunately, he still sounds bad (I’ll give him an A for effort, though).



4. Tie The Binds

Carlos Santana, is that you?

The instrumental to “Tie The Binds” makes me want to salsa dance with Slenderman’s El Salvadorian cousin that has a little bit of zest in his blood. As for Drake, he meets the instrumental at the rim with vocal pitches that I think are a little too high for him to be experimenting with. At the end of the day, “Tie The Binds” is quite an experience.

Me: Save me, Zorro or Drake!


3. Texts Go Green

Texts going green means you contacted someone with an Android, Drake… Yea, screw Android users!

Do you know the irony of “Texts Go Green?” I just finished watching the Celtics, a team that wears green, whine about every single foul call they didn’t get in game 6 of the NBA finals. Well, Drake channels the team from Boston in the song as he whines about not getting the proper support from a girl that he was once in a relationship with. Personally, I like the song’s rhythm and Drake’s spellbinding vocals. Overall, this song is very hypnotizing… And mopey.



2. Sticky

“Sticky” is made for clubs that both trappers and IT developers go to.

I don’t care what any of y’all have to say, “Sticky” is hard as f**k! If you ignore the beat, which sounds like it just consumed a McLSD sandwich, what you will realize is that the song features a tough-ass/catchy hook, enjoyably trill deliveries, and lyrics that tell us that Drake still has some CLB in him. This is a song that can get some burn in the whip, right?



1. Jimmy Cooks

“Jimmy Cooks” is the only true rap song on this album. I am not being a biased asshole when I say that this is easily the best song on this album.

Drake and 21 Savage’s chemistry is very slept-on. Throughout the years, they’ve been linking up to create some pretty hard tracks. With that being said, I think that “Jimmy Cooks” is their hardest collaboration to date. In the track, Drake hits us with gritty bars that have him sounding like a cold-hearted individual that only has love for his day ones and Oreos. As for 21 Savage, he sounds even colder than Drake in the song. Throughout his lone verse, he threatens to shoot people over and over again. I don’t promote violence at all, but dammit, I cried tears of joy hearing all the gun talk after enduring 12 tracks full of mope.


1. Intro (N/A)

2. Falling Back (2/5)

3. Texts Go Green (3/5)

4. Currents (3/5)

5. A Keeper (3/5)

6. Calling My Name (3/5)

7. Sticky (5/5)

8. Massive (3/5)

9. Flight’s Booked (3/5)

10. Overdrive (2/5)

11. Down Hill (3/5)

12. Tie The Binds (4/5)

13. Liability (3/5)

14. Jimmy Cook’s (5/5)




This is Forever 21 and Abercrombie & Fitch music.

I think Drake made this album to troll Logic.

This legit might be the most annoying album of all time.

Are Drake’s cornrows too tight?

I’m angry.

OK, let’s get serious…

You know how we all wanted a fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao for years, then finally got it years after we didn’t care as much about the two boxers? I feel like something similar happened here: We got a Drake dance album a few years after we no longer care about him singing. What I think we all need to accept is that Drake has already cemented himself as one of the greatest musicians of all time, so when he decides to experiment, it should be tolerated. With that being said, Honestly, Nevermind is an experimental effort that got cleared by Drake, that is being marketed by Drake, and is probably getting tons of burn at Drake’s crib. You don’t have to like the music on the album, but you at least have to respect the fact that Drake, someone who just yesterday won a basketball championship in a league that he created, flexed his popularity muscles by releasing a dance/edm-inspired album that everyone is going to hate. What a time to be rich and famous!

Now let’s do a deep div… Nevermind…

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